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Fake Id

Big And Rich Fake Id Music Video

Big And Rich Fake Id Music Video

Big & Rich’s music video for their hit song “Fake ID” is a fun and energetic visual representation of the catchy tune. The video, released in 2011, features the country duo performing at a raucous house party full of eclectic characters and plenty of high-energy shenanigans.

The video opens with Big & Rich pulling up to the party in a flashy convertible, setting the tone for the wild night ahead. As they make their way inside, they are greeted by a cast of colorful characters, including a cowboy with a snake around his neck and a group of rowdy dancers. The party is in full swing, with guests dancing, drinking, and causing all sorts of mischief.

Throughout the video, Big & Rich are front and center, delivering their signature blend of country and rock with plenty of swagger. Their energy is infectious, and it’s clear that they are having a blast as they perform the song. The partygoers join in, singing along and dancing to the upbeat rhythms of “Fake ID.”

As the video progresses, the party gets even crazier, with scenes of people jumping into the pool fully clothed, dancing on tables, and even riding a mechanical bull. The chaos is captured in a fast-paced montage of shots, adding to the sense of excitement and fun.

One of the standout moments of the video is a cameo from actor John Rich, who plays a bartender serving up drinks to the partygoers. His appearance adds a touch of humor to the video, as he interacts with the various characters and adds to the overall chaos of the party.

The video ends with Big & Rich driving off into the night, leaving behind a trail of destruction and chaos in their wake. It’s a fitting conclusion to a video that captures the wild spirit of the song and showcases Big & Rich at their energetic best.

Overall, the music video for “Fake ID” is a perfect complement to the song, bringing its infectious energy to life in a colorful and entertaining way. Big & Rich’s charisma shines through, making it a joy to watch and a perfect visual representation of their unique blend of country and rock. It’s a video that is sure to put a smile on your face and leave you tapping your feet to the beat.

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