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Fake Id

What Do Bouncers Do With Fake Ids

What Do Bouncers Do With Fake Ids

Bouncers play a crucial role in maintaining order and safety in bars, clubs, and other establishments that serve alcohol. One of the key tasks that bouncers are responsible for is checking the identification of patrons to ensure that they are of legal drinking age. However, as with any system, there are always individuals who try to circumvent the rules by using fake IDs.

When a bouncer encounters a suspicious ID, there are several steps they may take to determine its authenticity. The first thing they will typically do is visually inspect the ID for any obvious signs of counterfeiting. This may include checking for irregularities in the font, holograms, or other security features that are common to legitimate IDs. They may also feel the texture of the ID and compare it to known examples to see if it feels authentic.

If the bouncer is still unsure about the validity of the ID, they may ask the patron questions about the information on the ID to see if their answers match up. For example, they may ask the patron their address or date of birth to see if it matches the information on the ID. If the patron is unable to answer these questions or provides inconsistent answers, this may be a red flag that the ID is fake.

In some cases, the bouncer may use a blacklight or other specialized equipment to further inspect the ID for security features that are not visible to the naked eye. They may also compare the ID to a book of known fakes to see if it matches any of the common counterfeit IDs that are circulating in the area.

If the bouncer determines that the ID is indeed fake, they have several options for how to handle the situation. The first and most common course of action is to simply deny entry to the patron and ask them to leave the establishment. In some cases, the bouncer may also confiscate the fake ID to prevent the individual from attempting to use it again at the same or other venues.

In more serious cases, the bouncer may choose to involve law enforcement. This typically only happens if the individual is belligerent or uncooperative when confronted about the fake ID. In these situations, the bouncer may detain the individual and call the police to come and deal with the situation.

Overall, bouncers play a vital role in ensuring that only individuals of legal drinking age are allowed entry into establishments that serve alcohol. By being vigilant and thorough in their inspection of IDs, bouncers help to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons and staff alike. While some individuals may try to use fake IDs to gain entry, bouncers are well-equipped to handle these situations and prevent underage drinking and other potential issues that may arise as a result of fake IDs.

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