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Fake Id

Fake Student Id For Discounts

Fake Student Id For Discounts

A Student’s Guide to Using Fake Student IDs for Discounts

Being a student is expensive – from tuition fees to textbooks to late-night study snacks. Every penny counts when you’re living on a student budget, so finding discounts wherever you can is crucial. One popular way for students to save money is by using a student ID to access exclusive deals and discounts. However, what happens when you don’t have a legitimate student ID or your school doesn’t provide one? Many students turn to using fake student IDs to unlock those coveted savings.

Fake student IDs can be a controversial topic, but for many students, they are a necessary means to stretch their limited funds a little further. In this guide, we’ll explore the world of fake student IDs, including why students use them, where to get them, and the potential risks involved.

Why Do Students Use Fake Student IDs?

The primary reason students use fake student IDs is to access discounts that they wouldn’t otherwise be eligible for. Many businesses offer special pricing for students, ranging from discounted movie tickets to lower-priced clothing and technology. With the cost of tuition and living expenses rising, these savings can make a significant difference in a student’s budget.

In some cases, students may not have a legitimate student ID from their school, or their school may not offer any discounts at all. Without a student ID, students miss out on a valuable resource for saving money and may turn to fake IDs as a solution.

Where Can You Get a Fake Student ID?

There are several ways to obtain a fake student ID, with varying levels of risk and legality. One option is to purchase a fake ID online from a vendor that specializes in creating counterfeit documents. These vendors can create realistic-looking IDs that include a student’s name, photo, and school information. However, purchasing a fake ID online is illegal, and there is a risk of receiving a low-quality or unusable product.

Another option is to create a DIY fake ID using a template found online or through a friend. This method is less risky than purchasing a fake ID online but still carries legal consequences if caught. DIY IDs may not be as convincing as professionally made IDs, but they can still be effective for accessing discounts at certain stores and businesses.

Finally, some students may choose to borrow a legitimate student ID from a friend or family member to use for discounts. While this method may seem less risky, it is still illegal and can result in consequences for both the borrower and the owner of the ID.

What Are the Risks of Using a Fake Student ID?

Using a fake student ID comes with several risks that students should consider before attempting to use one. The most significant risk is the potential legal consequences of possessing or using a counterfeit document. Possessing a fake ID is illegal in many jurisdictions and can result in fines, community service, or even jail time.

In addition to legal risks, using a fake student ID can damage a student’s reputation and academic standing. If a student is caught using a fake ID, they may face disciplinary action from their school, including suspension or expulsion. This can have long-lasting consequences on a student’s education and future opportunities.

Finally, using a fake student ID can also harm the reputation of legitimate students who rely on their IDs for discounts. Businesses may become more stringent in verifying student IDs, making it harder for real students to access the discounts they are entitled to.


While using a fake student ID may seem like a harmless way to save money as a student, the risks involved far outweigh the benefits. Students who are caught using fake IDs can face legal consequences, academic sanctions, and damage to their reputation. Instead of resorting to illegal means to access discounts, students should explore legitimate ways to save money, such as student discounts, coupons, and budgeting strategies.

In the end, the potential consequences of using a fake student ID are not worth the temporary savings it may provide. Students should prioritize their education and integrity over saving a few dollars at the expense of their future.

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